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On September 9th, Woodmore Women’s Institute held their Harvest Feast and Garden Display. Approximately 30 people attended including 8 of our Children’s Gardening Project participants. The project was an opportunity for the young people in our community to learn a valuable food security skill, grow a vegetable garden, and showcase what they had learned and grown. There was a lot of enthusiasm about the project from all of the 21 participants plus the Emerson Kinder College who also participated . They were also lucky enough to have the enthusiastic assistance from Jamie Felsch, the kindergarten/Grade 1 teacher at RVS.  We capped off the project by presenting the participants with a certificate of achievement and a small participation prize.  Then we all enjoyed a potluck meal and a lovely evening spent outside enjoying one of the last beautiful days of summer. The event was held at Rod and Jean Charney’s home which is a gardening inspiration for all gardeners, young and old.image1

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