2021-2022 Provincial Board of Directors


President: Debra Barrett

President—Elect: Liz Chongva

Angela Pickett- Executive Administrator

Regional Representatives:

Eastern: Janice Harrison

Southwest: Peggy Bradshaw

Wpg.-Interlake: Gisela Nolting

Advisor: Ann Mandziuk

Manitoba Agriculture Representative: Thelma Blahey

WI Canada/FWIC Provincial Representative: Denise Joss

Manitoba Gov’t Appointed Member: Heather Cummings


Manitoba Women’s Institute (MWI) operates under an umbrella structure of a provincial board as directed in the Constitution and Bylaws. To see our Bylaw please click here: MWI Bylaw 2021

The provincial board serves to co-ordinate the activities of the organization on a provincial scale and link with other provincial, national, and international organizations.

Local institutes serve members in local communities or local geographic areas.

Membership in Manitoba Women’s Institute (MWI) brings with it affiliation with the national Federated Women’s Institutes of Canada (FWIC) and group membership with the international Associated Country Women of the World (ACCW).