Local institutes exist throughout the province in four regions and function with the assistance of their respective executives. Locals currently range in membership from 6 to 22 members. Current locals are:

  • Domain
  • Erickson
  • Fisher Branch
  • Fork River
  • Grosse Isle
  • Lenore
  • Narcisse
  • Silverton
  • Springfield
  • Wheat City (Brandon)
  • Woodmore

Interested in joining a local? Contact a Regional Representative.


Jacqueline Chartrand

Email: jmchartrand62@hotmail.ca
Phone: 204-995-2544


Currently vacant. Please contact the office at (204) 726-7135


Peggy Bradshaw

Phone: (204) 5322265

Email: margbrad@hotmail.com


Gisela Nolting

Phone: (204)467-5922

Email: hnolting@mts.net