Two, $1000 Manitoba Women’s Institute Scholarships are awarded to rural applicants taking a Manitoba recognized academic or vocational course.


  • Rural Manitoba resident
  • Student enrolled in a recognized Manitoba academic or vocational course to gain knowledge and skills that would enable them to acquire professional or technical status.

Applications must contain:

  • Name, address, Manitoba city/town, province, postal code, telephone number, email.
  • Proof of current enrolment in a program related to enhancing or sustaining rural life.
  • Letters of reference/recommendation from at least two people (teacher, employer, community leader)
  • A resumé, including education, employment and volunteer, community and school activities
  • Outline in a 500-750 word essay how you feel the experiences and education you have had so far or the training or education you are planning to embark on will help you to empower women, families or communities in your future.

The scholarship Funds are administered through the Red River Exhibition Foundation.

2023 Recipients

Luka Solomon from Shoal Lake. She will pursue a Bachelor of Science at the University of Manitoba. She
hopes to obtain a career in Ag Research.

Hannah Puff from Cooks Creek. She wants to study medical sciences at McGill University to become a surgeon.

2022 Recipients

Christa Boekhorst is from Brunkild, MB and is heading off to UM to study sciences.

Brooklyn McRae is from St. Andrews, MB and will be heading out of province to study Applied Sciences at UBC.


2021 Recipients

Halee Piasta of La Salle is currently in her first year of university at the University of Manitoba, in the Faculty of Science. Her goals are to pursue a career in the health care/research field. she was very honored to be supported by the Manitoba Women’s Institute for my schooling.




Emily Robb resides near Brandon, Manitoba, and is pursuing Bachelor of Science in Agroecology degree at the University of Manitoba in hope of becoming a professional agrologist. Her dual interest for science and agriculture has been a staple in her life for as long as she can remember, primarily due to influence from her parents and grandparents. What began as a science fair project has developed into a life-long passion for ending food insecurity and improving environmental integrity. This has let her develop networks domestically and internationally with industry professionals, professors, and other like-minded individuals through the Youth Ag Summit, the Global Youth Institute, Expo-Sciences International, the Canada-Wide Science Fair, and beyond. Through her future research, hopefully with a doctorate degree in hand, she wants to positively incorporate STEM into food, water, land, and air to support the amelioration of society via agriculture: the backbone of society.

2020 Recipients

Oksana is from Dauphin Manitoba and will be pursuing a Bachelor of Science (Agriculture) Animal Systems Specialization.  Her school years included music, having completed the Royal Conservatory of Music  Honors for piano.  She has also  received  numerous band merit and scholarship awards with her talents in guitar, flute and tenor saxophone.  Oksana has 9 years of 4-H, served as treasurer and secretary and was a 4-H provincial communications finalist/winner numerous times. Through the 4-H program  she has been the recipient of several Manitoba 4-H travel awards including representing Manitoba at 2020 4-H USA in Washington DC.  Add to these a high scoring academic history, Student Council Secretary/President for Dauphin Secondary School and yearbook work.

A true community volunteer, Oksana applied for a grant to build a garden at the Dauphin high school  to address hunger needs within the community.  Grant received, she planned and built the gardens herself and co-ordinated students to tend the gardens spring and summer.  Oksana canned and froze vegetables from the gardens during the summer in order to give them to the school and food bank.

A very worthy recipient , with plans to make her community, province, country and world a better place.  Congratulations Oksana!



Lauren comes from Fisher Branch Manitoba and will be pursuing Indigenous Health Studies Transition Initiative at Brandon University.  Her goal is to graduate with a Bachelor of Nursing degree and work in a rural setting.  She has worked hard at her schooling and has been active on many committees—student council, Social Justice, yearbook and grad.  She is trained as a Teen Talk Peer Supporter.   Lauren is an active athlete, and is schooled in music and ballet.   Volunteering is part of Lauren’s make up. She recently became a volunteer for the newly formed Fisher library committee, a committee she campaigned for with presentations at the municipal level as well as numerous town hall meetings. She has volunteered at the local day care and  at the Fisher Branch Personal Care Home where she helped with activities for the seniors.  She also did an internship at the Selkirk Regional Health Center  Lauren takes an active part on the family farm and in her own words “fully intends on working rurally and starting a family in the Interlake.

Manitoba Women’s Institute extends warm congratulatory wishes to this worthy candidate.

2019 Recipients


Alice Rooke

Kayla Pow

2018 Recipients

Heidi Doelger

Robyn Foxton


2017 Recipients


Kate Le Texier



Hayley McCaskill


2016 Recipients

Sarah Holtmann

Sarah Holtmann

Laura Wallace

Laura Wallace