Who We Are

Manitoba Women’s Institute is a member of the Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW) with a membership of 9 Million women in 72 countries; ACWW has consultative status at the United Nations, with members serving on such UN bodies as the World Health Organization, Food and Agricultural Organizations, UNESCO and UNICEF.

Manitoba Women’s Institute is also a proud member of the Federated Women’s Institute of Canada (FWIC/WI Canada).

For over 100 years,  Manitoba Women’s Institute has been committed to providing education and skills, development opportunities for women, particularly those in rural areas and has advocated on behalf of rural families to safeguard the rural way of life and to make their communities better places in which to live. WI members are recognized in their communities and throughout the province as women who can make a difference.


What We Do

MWI currently has resolutions before Government to:

  • Support the expansion of handi-transit services in rural communities
  • Address the shortage in professional services and facilities required to deal with the increasing numbers of senior citizens
  • Urge the Minister of Health to review the cost of ambulance service
  • Petition the federal government to raise the per capita funding for first nations students
  • Facilitate regular yearly farm safety training sessions, with emphasis on grain entrapment training
  • Develop and implement a policy to improve food security for northern and remote areas
  • Ensure that social assistance allowances keep up with the rate of inflation and rising costs of food and housing
  • Tackle the problem of early childhood caries (ECC) by 1) identifying the communities that have a high incidence of the disease and 2) introducing into those communities a program to combat malnutrition, a contributing factor to ECC
  • To provide mandatory payment for beverage containers of all sizes, especially pet and aluminum containers to ensure the public buys in as stakeholders in ensuring adherence to the recycling of beverage containers in Manitoba.


Previous resolution successes include:

  • Having mandatory flashing lights on school buses
  • Putting side reflectors on freight trains for night crossings safety – 1989
  • Establishing safe houses for abused women and children – 1986
  • Defining pavement boundaries – white lines on highways – 1980
  • Establishing music and drama festivals and libraries in rural areas – 1935, 1993
  • Advocating for rural health care units, public health nurses and mobile breast screening units – ongoing

To see a list of all MWI past resolutions please click here: http://mbwi.resolvesoftware.ca