Board Members:

Debra Barrett – President                                            Denise Joss – FWIC

Liz Chongva – President-Elect                                    Vacant – Northwest

Mallory Makinson – Office Administrator  (OA)  Maria Christine Diores – Southwest

Gisela Nolting – Wpg/Interlake                                 Jacqueline Chartrand – Eastern

Heather Cummings – Gov’t Appointee                    Michele Gurman – Gov’t Appointee

Ann Mandziuk – Acting Home Ec (MAHA)             Thelma Blahey – MB  Agriculture


MWI Committees:

Executive: Debra Barrett (Chair), Liz Chongva, Gisela Nolting, Mallory Makinson (OA), Thelma Blahey (MB Ag. Liaison), Ann Mandziuk (Home Ec.)

Finance: Debra Barrett (Chair), Liz Chongva, Gisela Nolting, Ann Mandziuk, Mallory Makinson (OA)

Nomination: Liz Chongva, Vacant

Bylaw & Policy: Debra Barrett (Chair), Liz Chongva, Thelma Blahey

Marketing & Promotion: Ann Mandziuk (Chair), Liz Chongva, Heather Cummings, Debra Barrett, Michele Gurman, Mallory Makinson (OA),

Resolutions: Debora Durnin-Richards (Chair), Karen Kaplan, Barb Stienwandt, Trish Masniuk, (Board Rep) Debra Barrett

Scholarship: Rose Kieper (Chair), Gisela Nolting, Dorothy Braun

AGM 2023 Virtual/Hybrid & MWI Women’s Day: Debra Barrett (Chair), Liz Chongva, Mallory Makinson (OA), Ann Mandziuk, , Denise Joss, Ellen Swistun

Agriculture & Rural Development: Gisela Nolting (Chair), Heather Cummings, Michele Gurman

Strategic Plan: Debra Barrett (Chair), Liz Chongva, Thelma Blahey

Made in Manitoba Project: Michele Gurman (Chair), Debra Barrett, Audrey Waddell, Donna Young, Debbie Melosky, Diane Burelle

Restructuring Committee: Debra Barrett (Chair), Liz Chongva  (committee on hiatus)


MWI Memberships with External Organizations for 2022 – 2023

Federated Women’s Institutes of Canada (FWIC): Denise Joss (2022-2025)

FWIC Outreach & Communication Committee 2022-2023: Debra Barrett

International Peace Gardens (IPG): Heather Cummings

Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC): Gisela Nolting

Provincial Council of Women of Manitoba (PCWM): Liz Chongva

National Council of Women of Canada: Debra Barrett, Trish Masniuk

ACWW Coordinator for Manitoba: Gisela Nolting