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Roseau River was the location of an inspiring , intercultural event on Saturday April 22nd. The Woodmore Women’s Institute hosted the Canadian Muslin Women’s Institute (CMWI) for an afternoon of sharing, learning and delicious multi-cultural food. There were a total of 35 women there  – 13  WWI members, 7 guests , 14 CMWI members and one reporter. Several of the Muslin women were refugees from all corners of the world. They were kind enough to share their difficult stories with us to help us better understand their lives and what drove them to flee their countries of origin and come to Canada. In return, we shared our stories of how our ancestors came to settle in Canada, however many generations back. Most of the stories, theirs and ours , had the same theme of people coming to Canada to have a better life, where they can work and raise their families in peace.

Next, we took the opportunity to share with them what the Manitoba Women’s Institute and the Woodmore Women’s Institute did in and for the community and they shared with us the work the CMWI has been doing , mainly for the refugee community in Winnipeg. Without question, their work has increased exponentially in the last year and what they have been doing for traumatized people who have made their way here has been vitally important. Without their extensive group of volunteer workers , they would not be able to accomplish what they have.  It was wonderful to see these two groups of hard working, community minded people getting together.


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