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We have two bake sales and one raffle as fundraisers each year, one at our annual Moonlight Madness event and one at our town’s Annual Yard Sale. These fundraisers were again very successful. Thankfully our local Ukrainian Farmers Co-op store allowed us to sell our raffle tickets indoors to store patrons.

At the Fisher Branch Carnival in March of 2017 the W.I. ladies acted out three short skits for the enjoyment of the children. This year our skits were: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Many adults also came to enjoy the afternoon skit entertainment, which was followed by a candy scramble for the children.

For February 19th, W.I. Day, we had a short meeting then continued with a “Girls Night Out” with games and snacks to be shared with our members.

One of our members is a volunteer in the Fire Department and she spoke to us on Adult Fire Safety. We postponed part of the presentation as it was so very interesting we thought we might share it at our April Guest Night Meeting so more community ladies could learn about some very important fire safety tips.

For our December meeting we held a wonderful potluck supper with many tasty dishes made by our members. At this Christmas supper we honoured three of our members to recognize their long time membership, Kay Chudy, Pearl Homick and Dianne Magnusson (from left to right in the photo) – all have belonged to the Fisher Branch Women’s Institute for 50 years.



Submitted by Bernice Enstrom

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