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The MWI is inviting you to submit a personal story about how COVID-19 has affected your life. Share your experiences by writing about the challenges, lifestyle changes, benefits, and the impacts on yourself and your loved ones. The stories are not meant for writers to state their opinions, or grievances about individuals and services provided during the pandemic.
The criterion for your story is the document must be double spaced, Arial 12 font, with a maximum of 1000 words (about 1 page). If you are handwriting your story, please print to ensure it can be easily read. All submissions must be post marked by June 30th, 2022 and emailed or mailed to the MWI Executive Administrator. All submissions will become the property of MWI and will be used to establish a record of our responses as women to the pandemic. Please note MWI has the right to reject any submission. Submissions may be edited for grammar/typing errors. We do not guarantee publication of all submissions. MWI is not responsible for submissions not received.
Please ensure you include your name, contact information, community you reside in and if you are a Women’s Institute member.
For further information please contact or phone (204) 726-7135.
Please submit your stories to email
Manitoba Women’s Institute

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