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Woodmore WI Food Security Initiative offered a hands on chicken butchering demonstration Friday July 20th, a beautiful bug-free summer evening.

Matt and Susi Teichroeb from Roseau River were the instructors. The Teichroebs and their four young daughters are modern homesteaders. They are a rare find, a young family choosing to live a simpler family life, mortgage-free and eating mostly local foods that they have raised, grown, hunted, fished and foraged. Because of their reduced housing and food costs, Susi is a stay-at-home mom and Matt works part time. Does family life get any richer than that?

A number of wanna-be homesteaders were taken through the chicken butchering process (including cutting the chicken into various cuts) step by step by the Teichroebs. At the end of the evening, participants took home their newly acquired knowledge and freshly butchered chicken.

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