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OCTOBER Snippets

~ Are you planning to attend the Manitoba Rural Women’s Day in either Minnedosa or Komarno?

~ Membership applications and information have been mailed to branches and individuals. Please return your information and fee in a timely fashion so Julie can generate our newest membership list for our newsletter and other mailings.

~ While at ACWW the Pen Friends Chair gave each province a ’Thinking of You Card’ to send to someone in our WI connection who might need a ‘lift’. Manitoba’s card is still in my possession. If you have someone in mind let Ann or the office know so we can send them the card.

~ I must admit though that over the summer I have sent out a couple of cards of my own. I still get a thrill when I go to the post office and find a personally addressed letter for me.

~ Our e-mail recipients and those who have liked our Facebook page will have heard about our photo contest. I hope we can truly fill Valerie Watt’s e-mail with wonderful autumn pictures. I know our area has been truly golden this year!


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